Tar and Chip Paving Johns Creek GA

Are you on the search for a more affordable paving solution than asphalt? If so, tar and chip paving might be the best service for you. At John’s Creek Paving, we provide commercial and residential paving services that are designed to make your property look its best while keeping costs low. Our dedication to being the best professional asphalt paving company serves us well. We have successfully given our clients professional results for years, and we would be happy to do the same for you. Explore our tar and chip paving services more in-depth below.  

The Chip Seal Process 

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Tar and chip paving, also known as tar and chip seal, is a simple process but it does require extensive skill and professional equipment. At John’s Creek Paving Contractors, we have both. Tar and chip can be applied to virtually any surface. If you have a gravel or black top surface, tar and chip work well with both surface options. We use a hot liquid asphalt solution and follow that up with a layer of chip rock and roll it to completion for a gorgeous and final result.  

One area that many of our clients don’t realize is that tar and chip can be customized. We customize it according to the rock selection you make. For example, if you prefer a golden rock to a darker rock, we can likely do that for you. Let us know what your preferences are and we will give you a result that reflects that.  

Once the process is complete, your driveway or roadway will look similar to a gravel or dirt road, without the dust, dirt, and bumpiness. The rock contacts the tar and is locked in for a sealed look. It is also very clean looking. You will like the way it makes your property look.  

Benefits of Choosing Tar and Chip Paving 

There are multiple benefits to hiring our paving company to add tar and chip to your driveway, roadway, or even parking lot. First and foremost, tar and chip is about 40% the cost of asphalt. This makes it the most affordable service we provide in John’s Creek GA. Costs alone make it a premium choice for many homeowners in particular.  

Of course, there are additional benefits to choosing tar and chip. Another benefit is the curb appeal. Although it doesn’t cost as much as asphalt, it gives your property a clean, sophisticated look, without the fuss of asphalt. Also, maintenance of tar and chip paving is virtually nonexistent.  

You can rely on our paving contractors to give your property a clean finish and polished look with our tar and chip paving solutions.  

Free Tar and Chip Paving Estimate in John’s Creek 

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If you think chip sealing could be a good fit for you, then reach out to our paving company. We proudly serve the entire John’s Creek Georgia area and would be happy to offer you a free estimate for your needs. Give us a call today.  

John’s Creek Paving Contractors can also work with asphalt and concrete. Contact us today for information about our concrete contractor work.